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Slim Seduction Reviews
"I've tried diet pills with cheesy celebrities endorsing them but all my money went to pay the celebrity because I never got results. As a last resort I tried Slim Seduction but I was VERY skeptical and expected to return it. But I was shocked after losing 5 lbs in my first 7 days. I've never experienced anything like it! And it's a great value-you get double the amount compared to products like TrimSpa™ and Slim Seduction looks so classy and it really works! It's like a designer diet pill."
- Pat Myers, CT

“I had reached a plateau in my weight and did not seem to be able to get rid of ten pounds after menopause. I heard about Slim Seduction and gave it a try. Well, I lost the last ten pounds and have kept it off for almost six months now! I FEEL so much better and want to stay slim and enjoy these lovely new clothes I bought to celebrate. Thanks for a great product.”
- Nancy in Hawaii

“I started taking Slim Seduction Feb 1st and have lost 5 lbs in less than a week. I have more energy and am able to work out daily. This is a great product, I am looking forward to losing more weight.”
- Sharon Taylor, New Mexico

“I am taking the Slim Seduction diet pills and lost 4 pounds in the first week! This is huge because I had been stuck on 168 for months! Using supplements is not new to me, but using a supplement designed for a woman is! What a smart decision made by GNS--thanks! I now have a renewed hope of finally losing the 20 pounds I want gone! Plus my eating habits have become even healthier. I am excited to see what my after pictures will look like!”
- Mary Godinez via email

“I recently started using Slim Seduction diet pills! I usually can’t stick with any weight loss program, but I’m seeing such fast results I’m motivated to keep going! After my second daughter was born two years ago, my weight went crazy. I am now a size 14/16 and going CRAZY. Since I started taking your products, I have more energy... actually "ENERGY".... it had been a while since I had any. I have also lost about 5 lbs in the past two weeks. I do not feel hungry and now I have the confidence to tackle this weight issue head on! Thanks for your assistance. Your help through the weekly phone calls are so encouraging. I may not win the contest, but I WILL win a new body. I already have... I am losing weight. I have energy and confidence and I will be healthy and able to keep up with my daughters!”
- Sandy Williams via email

“I’ve been taking Slim Seduction for a week and I have lost 7 pounds without hunger. It works really super. I am also drinking the fabulous Slim Body Matrix shake for breakfast and a snack. This really gives me energy. I work retail. Moving boxes of shoes all day, sometimes up to a thousand a day. Now, I work rings around my co-workers who are decades younger than me. Thanks for the help and support!”
- Linda Robinson via email

“I'm currently taking Slim Seduction, on my 8th day now, and I'm constantly pulling up my jeans all day long! I wear a size 34 and want to get back in my size 31. I'm not sure how much I've lost, but can definitely see I'm losing inches!! I just love it!! I also have more energy, and feel so much better about myself as a person.”
- Bridget via email

With Slim Seduction You Can Burn an Extra 937 Calories a Day! That's Almost Half The Amount Most Women Eat Over 24 Hours... Without Diet or Exercise!

Marie Seibel, aged 64, of West Virginia, lost 11 pounds of fat and cellulite in the first 7 days with Slim Seduction, and in the following weeks she lost 30 lbs and over 27 inches!

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